Our Vision

For our industry to strive for excellence, quality and integrity and achieve positive outcomes for all facilities users through the transformative application of competence.

Our Mission

We are committed to reduce our clients’ risk, support their understanding and give reassurance on the basis of clear thinking, visibility of our actions, expertise, and innovation. Serving as an example to inspire, shape and influence our industry to improve outcomes globally.

Our Motto

Our motto ‘Clear Thinking Made Visible’ succinctly expresses who we are and what we do. We distilled the very fibre of SMS Environmental to discover that everything we do comes from a single central purpose and we wanted to make that clear.

What is CLEAR Thinking?

At SMS our values are CLEAR. We build the Reassurance of our clients upon 4 CLEAR Values, capitalising on our strengths and maintaining the focus of employees on what has always made and will continue to make SMS Environmental unique in our sector/marketplace.

It’s been an incredible growth journey so far and I'm sure you will agree the new brand DNA and identity reflects the industry leading business we have become today. Clarity, Leadership, Expertise, Accountability and Reassurance will now accompany SMS Environmental through the next phase in our exciting journey as an industry leader water hygiene provider.

Defining what makes SMS Environmental Different

We’re so much more than just a water hygiene company. We are humans with unrivalled expertise, powerful technology and incredible leadership within the industry and it became clear that we needed to create a brand which reflects who we are today and where we want to be tomorrow.

At 00:00 on 29th June 2021, SMS Environmental officially launched our new brand identity and it gave us immense pride to finally share our new 20th Anniversary logo and redefined core values with the world. SMS Environmental has grown significantly over the last 20 years and as our team approaches 170 strong the calibre and scale of our service offering has transformed immeasurably. Looking back at those early days back in 2001, it’s clear to see that we’re now bigger, better and more capable than we’ve ever been.

Download our CLEAR Values - PDF

Our Values Defined


Clarity provides security for our company, our employees and our clients. We never hide information and will always show the work that we do and how we do it, in a clear and visible way. We readily and openly provide information and proactively communicate our priorities and deadlines. We make clear the rationale for our recommendations, decisions and implementation of our services.


Strong, focused leadership is fundamental to best meet the needs of our clients around the UK. As a company we are constantly innovating and aiming to always be early adopters in every department, influencing the industry we are involved in for the better. As leaders our business decisions have never just been focussed on products and profits, but on what’s right for our customers and what improves outcomes.


We are curious. We aspire to be experts in our field and share our knowledge with others. Our combined skills enable us to give our customers the best possible experience. We're always listening, learning and adapting our business to meet our partners needs. We focus on improved training and competency, ensuring that the training and education of our staff goes far beyond the industries minimum requirements.


We don’t settle for excuses. So for our customers, accountability means that we strive to honour commitments we have made. We take responsibility to accomplish our work, on time and to the highest quality. We understand that our customers are counting on our services and solutions to be right and on time and we understand the importance (and impact) of doing what we say we’re going to do. We also recognise how important it is for a customer to have confidence that we’re going to come through and our commitment at SMS Environmental is to do just that.


Reassurance relies on each of the four pillars. Our partners demand reassurance and we are committed to providing it by reducing risk, supporting their understanding and by successfully maintaining adherence to the other four values in which the company lives by. Clarity, Leadership, Expertise and Accountability serve as an example to inspire, shape and influence the industries we work in to improve outcomes globally.

Download our CLEAR Values - PDF Infographic

SMS Environmental has underlined its commitment to inclusiveness and diversity with a renewal of pledges that support the company's ambition. These pledges will be continually reviewed and used to measure success towards this goal.

Our Pledges:

  • To review and refine our recruitment and selection processes to further our aims of fairness and consistency in our Incoming Talent approach.
  • To review our routes to progression within the organisation to further embed our fair and consistent approach to Talent Management.
  • To enhance our training opportunities around bias and inclusion to promote awareness and set standards in all aspects of our working day.
Our Values - Reassurance of our customers is built on 4 CLEAR values

SMS Environmental Launches New Core Values - The Video

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