21 May 2024

Remote Temperature Monitoring Advances Legionella Management

SMS Environmental is excited to announce the release of our new white paper, 'Advancing Legionella
Management: The Benefits of Transitioning from Manual to Remote Temperature Monitoring' which delves into the crucial topic of temperature control within water systems and its impact on Legionella bacteria.

For those who don't know, Legionella bacteria is responsible for Legionnaires' disease, a potentially deadly form of pneumonia, making effective control measures a top priority for public health and safety.

While current guidelines emphasise manual temperature checks as a key component of Legionella control, our white paper challenges the limitations of this traditional method. In it, we argue that manual monitoring may not provide a complete picture of temperature fluctuations that contribute to bacterial growth, potentially leading to missed opportunities for effective risk management.

Our paper also introduces the concept of incorporating remote monitoring technology to enhance Legionella management strategies. By shifting to a more proactive and data-driven approach, we believe that organisations can make better informed decisions, improve overall risk management, and ultimately reduce health risks associated with Legionella.

To further illustrate the benefits of this innovative approach, our white paper includes a case study highlighting the successful implementation of remote monitoring in a real-world setting.

We hope that this case study will inspire others to rethink their Legionella control strategies and consider the potential advantages of embracing new technologies.

We invite you to download and explore our white paper to learn more about how remote monitoring can add food for thought regarding the way we manage Legionella risks.

Together, we can work towards a safer and healthier environment for all.


Stay informed and prioritise safety by reaching out to our team for personal guidance on managing Legionella risks. Email: hello@sms-environmental.co.uk or call: 08001382121 to find out more.


John Mee M.W.M.Soc., an expert in the industry for over a decade; and Technical Manager at SMS Environmental, has written this guidance drawing on expertise in Risk Assessment, Authorising Engineer (Water) and Site Management.

Stay informed and prioritise safety by reaching out to our team for personal guidance on managing Legionella risks in your splash parks and interactive water features. Email: hello@sms-environmental.co.uk or call: 08001382121 to find out more.

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