04 April 2024

Evolving Roles: Joe Hickman's Transition Within SMS Environmental

Joe Hickman began his career at SMS Environmental in January 2019 as an operations coordinator, overseeing the scheduling and booking of engineers' work in various areas.

Over his first 4 & a half years at the company, Joe saw growth in his responsibilities, managing a team of engineers and plumbers and eventually being promoted to Operations Team Leader during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Joe's true passion lay in the account management department, and in August 2020, he made the move to become an Account Manager at SMS.

After a brief stint at another water treatment company, Joe realised his heart was still with SMS. He returned to the company, impressed by the positive changes that had been implemented and the supportive work culture he had missed. Joe currently works in the risk assessment department, conducting legionella risk assessments for clients. He aims to expand his knowledge of different systems and eventually undergo HTM training, with a long-term goal of transitioning back into account management.

Joe values the relationships he has built with his colleagues at SMS, finding support and camaraderie in his daily interactions. He appreciates the focus on employee well-being and continual learning within the company. Joe enjoys collaborating with his team members and embraces opportunities for professional growth, including travelling to different locations for assessments.

Looking ahead, Joe envisions his career at SMS evolving as he gains expertise in diverse systems and assets. He plans to continue developing within the risk assessment team before eventually returning to account management with a wealth of knowledge to offer clients. Joe's dedication to his role and commitment to ongoing learning make him a valuable asset to SMS Environmental.

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