14 June 2024

From Water Engineer to Water Engineering Supervisor: Mick Charnock's Story

Mick Charnock, currently a Trainee Supervisor at SMS Environmental, has had quite the journey within the company. Starting off as a Water Treatment Engineer in London back in 2014, Mick covered a wide range of areas from London down to Portsmouth under the supervision of Brian Crook. Fast forward to today, Mick finds himself managing a team of 6 as a Trainee Supervisor, a role he thoroughly enjoys.

One of Mick's biggest achievements is stepping into the role of supervisor, something he initially doubted he could do. However, his passion for managing people and the team has proven otherwise. Mick takes pride in his ability to plan and organise work for his team, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

My career journey with SMS Environmental has been fulfilling, from starting as a Water Treatment Engineer in 2014 to now being a Trainee Supervisor. I never thought I could thrive in a supervisory role, but I'm loving every moment of managing a team. The growth within the company over the years has been immense, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Looking forward to becoming a full-time supervisor and continuing to grow in the company.

Mick Charnock, Trainee Water Engineering Supervisor

Throughout his time at SMS Environmental, Mick has seen significant growth within the company. From the increase in employees to the introduction of electric vehicles, he has witnessed the company's commitment to progress and innovation.

Mick has also undergone various training courses to enhance his skills and knowledge in the field, further solidifying his position as a competent and qualified supervisor.What truly sets SMS Environmental apart for Mick is the family-friendly environment and flexible working hours that allow him to prioritise his family. The company's forward-thinking mindset and emphasis on treating employees as individuals rather than just numbers have made it a great place for Mick to grow and thrive.

Looking ahead, Mick is focused on continuing to develop within his current role and eventually becoming a full-time supervisor. While he hasn't thought too far into the future, his dedication to personal and professional growth within SMS Environmental is evident.

Mick Charnock's story serves as a testament to the opportunities for growth and development at SMS Environmental, as well as the importance of a supportive and inclusive work environment. As he continues on his journey within the company, it's clear that Mick's enthusiasm and dedication will take him far in his career as a Water Engineering Supervisor.

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