11 February 2022

As young adults enter the workforce, apprenticeship programs are a valuable way to continue to develop the knowledge they need to work in their chosen profession.

SMS Environmental supports this style of learning and thought it was a great opportunity to share stories from some of our employees currently enrolled in SMS apprenticeships.

“I am currently working towards my level 3 qualification in plumbing, heating and gas. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn the core skills and the unique intrigues within the plumbing industry. What I enjoy about my apprenticeship is it’s very satisfying to implement the practical and theoretical knowledge I've learned straight into the workplace.” 

SMS Environmental works with Activate Learning and Reading college to support up and coming apprentices gaining experience in the job role. Programmes like Activate enable young adults to make the choice of career pathway or course that is right for them and their ambitions.  

The next story is from Tom Hewlett and his experience as a plumbing apprenticeship and how he has applied it to his new role within the SMS team. 


From an early age, I have always been a hands-on person. Therefore, when I left school, I decided to undertake an apprenticeship. After some thought, I decided that a plumbing apprenticeship would suit me better and provide me with an opportunity for a great career. The SMS apprenticeship allowed me to gain knowledge within my field by completing a task that suited my learning style.

 Tom continues:

SMS was very flexible with my college schedule and facilitated several opportunities that were required. The flexibility of SMS provided me with the foundations to succeed within my apprenticeship.

Whilst completing my apprenticeship, I learnt practical skills and communication skills. Practical skills are necessary when communicating with our clients, as you can identify a situation and have the knowledge to provide the most effective and efficient solution. Communication skills are also vital within my current role as clear communication between us and our clients' results in happy relationships and successful contracts.

A Career at SMS Environmental

At the heart of SMS Environmental is the people who help us provide world-class services. We understand as a business that the future of SMS is the people behind the scenes making sure deadlines and business objectives are met. Our staff work tirelessly every day and make sure our customers are happy and satisfied with the services that we offer. This is why we heavily invest in the people who make the organisation successful because they are the future of our company.

Combining smart people with smart technology, SMS offers an intelligent, transparent and competent service. We strive to see things from our customers' point of view and put ourselves in their shoes.


To learn more about our apprenticeship opportunities contact us at: https://sms-environmental.co.uk/about-us/careers/  

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