20 June 2024

SMS Environmental's Partnership to Create a Supportive School Environment

Endeavour Academy is a special place, catering to children with a range of complex needs including autism, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities. The school provides a safe and nurturing environment for these children to learn and grow, and SMS Environmental is proud to be able to support them in their mission.

By ensuring that the water systems at Endeavour Academy are safe and in compliance with regulations, SMS Environmental is able to contribute to the overall health and well-being of the students and staff. Water hygiene is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy environment, especially in a setting such as a school where there are many vulnerable individuals.

I am proud to announce our continued partnership with Endeavour Academy, providing essential water hygiene services to support the health and well-being of the students and staff.It just one of the ways SMS demonstrates its commitment to give back to the communities we work in. We are more than happy to support the children at Endeavour Academy, and make a positive impact on the school's environment.

Mike Crook, Chief Executive Officer, SMS Environmental

We are grateful for the ongoing support of SMS Environmental in providing our school with complementary water hygiene services. Their dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students and staff is truly commendable.

Jane Grant, School Business Manager, Endeavour Academy

By providing essential water hygiene services to a school that serves children with special needs, SMS Environmental is making a positive impact on the lives of these students and their families.

Our team of skilled engineers visit Endeavour Academy regularly to conduct a thorough inspection of their facilities to identify any potential environmental hazards, and to provide maintenance. We provide recommendations for maintaining a clean and healthy environment, as well as practical solutions to address any issues that were discovered during our assessments.

SMS Environmental has been working with Endeavour Academy for the past 5 years, providing complementary water hygiene services towards Legionella risk assessments, water sampling, testing, and water system maintenance.

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