27 February 2024

Sean's Journey at SMS Environmental: A Story of Growth and Career Development

Joining SMS Environmental as a Water Treatment engineer in November 2021 marked the beginning of an exciting journey for Sean Birchall…

In this blog post, Sean will share his experiences, challenges, and growth during his time at SMS Environmental, and how it has shaped his career in the water industry. From his initial responsibilities to his decision to return to the company after a brief stint elsewhere, he has witnessed firsthand the company's growth, values, and commitment to excellence.

His journey as a Water Treatment Engineer at SMS Environmental has been one of growth, learning, and personal development. As a member of the SMS Environmental team, he looks forward to further expanding his skill-set and contributing to the company's continued success.

Building the Foundation

When I started at SMS Environmental, my primary focus was on one of our new contracts. Visiting new sites reminded me of my time as a Risk Assessor, and I appreciated being able to utilise my previous skills. My tasks included recording water temperatures from various outlets and sources and conducting shower head and hose disinfections, water sampling, and Cold Water Storage Tank inspections. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn about different sites and build relationships with the people working there.

Brief Departure

After a few months, I made the decision to explore a different career path and moved to another company. However, I quickly realised that the new role and company did not match my expectations. The new systems and processes seemed unnecessarily complicated compared to the simplicity and efficiency I had experienced at SMS Environmental. Using multiple apps to log results felt cumbersome, and I realised that I missed the streamlined approach of Opuz and Bamboo HR.

Returning to SMS Environmental

Realising that I had made the wrong decision, I reached back out to SMS and thankfully, they welcomed me back with open arms. Returning to my previous role felt like coming home. I resumed attending sites, both new and familiar, witnessing the continuous improvements being made within the company. It was reassuring to be back in an environment that felt familiar, supportive, and aligned with my values.

Growth Opportunities and Vision

SMS Environmental keeps striving for growth and has a clear vision for its future. The company effectively communicates this vision through various platforms, including team Zoom calls and All-Hands meetings. There is a strong sense of unity and support within the company, from the management structure to every individual employee. Personally, I have found the systems of work, management structure, and especially the people at SMS Environmental to be excellent, and I consider myself quite lucky to be part of such a great team.

Continuing Professional Development

During my time at SMS Environmental, I have had opportunities to further develop my skills in the water industry. With the company's continued expansion and the addition of new team members, I am excited about the prospect of transitioning into risk assessing. I am confident in the company's ability to provide the necessary training and support, and I believe I can bring value to this area.

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