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Understanding Closed Systems

Closed systems are defined as hydronic systems  that should  lose less than 5% of their system volume annually.  Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) and Chilled Water (CHW) systems are the two primary types we manage. LTHW systems operate at temperatures less than 100°C, whereas CHW   typically function between 6-12°C.

Losses in these systems typically stem from pipe leakage or natural evaporation. It's standard practice to restore the depleted system volume through makeup systems. However, the majority of times, the replenishment involves untreated water, which could potentially contribute to a decline in system performance over the long term.

Demonstrable Competence in Water Treatment

Our team at SMS Environmental has developed an array of products and services, all designed to effectively and efficiently manage your water-related equipment. We stay ahead of the curve, thanks to our in-house City & Guilds accredited training course, ‘Water Treatment for Closed Heating & Cooling Systems’. This guarantees our engineers are fully competent and updated in this sector.

Driving Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Closed systems are a key part of the UK's infrastructure, accounting for a significant proportion of the country's energy consumption. By optimising the performance of these systems, we can help to reduce energy costs and improve environmental impact.

Proactive Consultancy for Compliance and Efficiency

We offer a range of consultancy services to help you stay up-to-date with compliance and industry best practices. Our team can conduct a thorough system/site survey, followed by the development of a custom water treatment programme that meets the needs of all stakeholders. This plan will be tailored to site-specific factors, such as current conditions, water quality, and system metallurgy.

Our comprehensive planned preventive maintenance (PPM) programme integrates chemical treatment, side-stream filtration, and routine service visits, ensuring your system operates smoothly and efficiently.

On-demand Technical Assistance

Whenever you need additional support, our consultants are ready to assist. With a combined experience of over a hundred years, our senior technical personnel can provide the technical advice you need for any situation.

Efficient System Management with Opuz Software

We leverage our proprietary Opuz software, a cloud-based compliance platform integrated with facilities management functionality, to manage all tasks and contracts. Our customer portal provides real-time updates, enhancing transparency in task scheduling, job completion status, and non-compliance issues.

Balancing High Performance with Environmental Responsibility

We're committed to delivering solutions that not only meet high technical performance standards but also minimise environmental impact. Through strategic partnerships in chemical and filtration fields, we have been able to achieve these dual objectives, positioning ourselves as a reliable system integrator and service provider.

Recommendations Driven by Best Practice

Our recommendations are driven by compliance and guided by industry best practices. We reference authoritative documents such as BSRIA's BG 29/2021 and BG 50/2021, and BSI's BS 8552:2012, ensuring that our treatment proposals are always based on the latest and most applicable standards.

Here are some figures to support the statements made in this page:

  • In 2020, closed systems accounted for 25% of the UK's total energy consumption.
  • This is equivalent to 100 billion kWh of energy.
  • The majority of this energy is used in the industrial sector, followed by the commercial and residential sectors.
  • By optimising the performance of closed systems, we can help to reduce energy costs and improve environmental impact.
  • By upgrading outdated energy systems, UK universities could save £146m a year and £2.19bn over a typical 15-year energy contract.

To learn more about our closed system monitoring and dosing services, please contact us today.

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