Closed System Survey, Consultancy Advise, Dosing, Testing & Flushing

Closed System Analysis Test & Chemical Dosing and flushing

How much would your heating or cooling system cost to replace? What disruption would this cause? Are you at risk of litigation because of problems associated with your closed system? Could you reduce your energy bill? How important is it that you reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint?

Cost Efficiency – Energy out = energy in – losses

Due to its natural abundance and physical properties water remains today as the preferred energy transfer medium used in closed heating and cooling systems. How efficiently the systems operate can rely on two critical factors:

  • The quality and condition of the system water
  • The efficiency to provide heating or cooling where and when required.


The correct commissioning of water systems is critical in achieving the safe, energy efficient, carbon efficient and effective operation of hydronic applications through correct circuit balancing of your distribution pipework and components.

Accurate advice, informing correct commissioning and ongoing maintenance enables systems to operate at optimum performance and provide the occupants with a good quality working environment. However many closed systems aren't commissioned correctly and performance and environment are impacted throughout the operational lifespan of the system.

We can help resolve and survey issues of:

  • Reported incorrect environmental temperatures
  • Poor energy efficiency
  • Reduced life span of system pipework and components
  • Influence of design, construction and commissioning
  • Refurbishments and connecting onto existing systems

Where required we:

  • Provide detailed survey "health check" report and advice
  • Evaluation of your systems conformance to industry standards for design and ongoing maintenance regime
  • Troubleshoot specific issues and provide "root cause" analysis
  • Report on failed components
  • Ensure dosing is appropriate throughout system and report results.

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Closed Heating and Chilled System Sampling and Analysis

It is important to regularly sample your buildings closed heating or cooling system for microbiological and chemical analysis. Ensuring the system is under good control to prevent nitrate or sulphate reducing bacterial growth and protect from corrosion and scale with sufficient chemical inhibitor levels in the system (such as Nitrite or Molybdate).

Our BSRIA closed system micro/chemical sample suite and analysis fully covers the standards outlined in BSRIA Closed Heating and Cooling System BG 50/2015 and BS 8552:2012 Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems.

Qualified and competent engineers can also perform onsite chemical analysis of systems or indicator suites to aid faster assessment of the water systems health when required.

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Closed Heating, Cooling and Chilled System Flushing and Dosing

SMS Environmental's closed system water treatment solutions reduce the risk of corrosion, biofouling and scale that affect the reliability and performance of your closed circuit and closed loop water systems.

Our closed circuit water system services are delivered by qualified and competent  engineers who will help you reduce costs, save energy, enhance operational efficiency and reliability, and extend your assets lifespan.

Flushing and water treatment services include:

  • Dynamic flushing of closed systems in accordance with (BG 29/2020)
  • Biocide dosing of closed systems in accordance with (BG29/2020)
  • Pre-commission flushing/cleaning of closed systems (BG29/2020)
  • UKAS accredited microbiological and chemical analysis services (BS 8552:2012)

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