11 June 2019

TMVs Servicing, Maintenance & Fail Safe Testing

Our TMV servicing solutions are delivered by experienced water treatment and engineering experts using the latest testing equipment and high performance disinfectants to ensure TMVs are maintained, serviced and tested regularly to ensure their correct operation in line with industry recognised guidance.

The hot water supply is typically around 60°C, and is maintained at this temperature to prevent the growth of harmful organisms, such as Legionella bacteria. Water at 60°C, can scald and so using a thermostatic mixing value (TMV) will blend the hot water with cold water at the point of discharge, to produce a flow at a safe and comfortable temperature of 41°C.

Our engineering support capabilities allow us to offer a range of expert services including the installation and replacement of thermostatic mixing valves, TMV servicing (including valve and fine mesh strainer cleaning, descaling and disinfection), temperature monitoring and failsafe testing to ensure good water quality standards, safe water temperatures as well as ensuring health and safety standards are achieved and maintained.

For more information on our TMVs Servicing, Maintenance services please call 0800 138 21 21 or use the form below

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