Active Air Purification is a unique indoor environmental air and surface treatment that covers all three categories of pollutants including, microbials, VOCs and particulates/smoke. This type of technology gives real-time instantaneous and continuous protection against emissions and fomites of common and dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Unlike passive air purification, Active is a process that works throughout an entire space, simultaneously and continuously whereas passives will only treat the air that passes close to the system, giving no real-time protection elsewhere within the building. Passive air treatments also do not protect against fomites and viral emissions are alive until they are removed by ventilation or caught by the passive system. 

Reasons to choose Active Air Purification over Passive Air Treatments

  • Adds a unique extra layer of protection
  • Not behaviour dependant 
  • Tested, proven and widely used in over 60 countries
  • Improved IAQ, health and wellbeing
  • Reduced illness
  • Creates a safer and healthier indoor environment
  • Improves staff and customer confidence 
  • Affordable 

Active Air Purification safety avoids: 

  • Increased outdoor pollution ingress
  • Reduced IAQ
  • Thermal comfort issues during winter which can impact both health and productivity 
  • Reduced building energy efficiency and increased heating costs

SMS Environmental now offer the following expert Active Air Purification Services:

  • Free Survey and Design
  • Installation of Active Air Purification Systems
  • Servicing of Active Air Purification Systems 

The installation of an Active Air Purification system should only be carried out by a trained professional. We often see systems not running properly due to poorly installed products. At SMS Environmental our installation service ensures that your Active Air Purification system is installed exactly as it should be. Our staff are qualified to install, service and maintain your system safely and correctly so that it meets the manufacturers warranty requirements.


or more information on our range of Active Air Purification services please call 0800 138 21 21 or use the form below

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