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Applying water treatment processes to systems can be extremely beneficial, reducing equipment down time and repair.

Water Treatment Services

Most workplace and public buildings will have an associated water system and, whilst the potential for the growth of legionella bacteria is one of the main reasons why you may carry out some form of water treatment, there are many other benefits and reasons for doing so. Applying water treatment processes to systems can be extremely beneficial - saving time and money associated with equipment down time and repair.


Effective disinfection of water systems through chlorination.

Water systems require regular disinfection to eliminate potential health-threatening pathogenic organisms from both the water and associated pipework in order to prevent potential health risks to the water user.

We are fortunate enough to have an excellent mains water distribution system in the UK, but this can rapidly become contaminated if the domestic down services and cold-water storage tanks are poorly maintained. Chlorination is the addition of chlorine to the water supply at a predetermined strength to achieve effective disinfection.

SMS Environmental has the expertise to provide the best advice through our UKAS-accredited risk assessors and technical experts, as well as the ability to carry out the full spectrum of cleaning and disinfection works including chlorinating mains water, chlorinating down services and water tank chlorination in order to maintain high standards of water quality and hygiene.

Having achieved the training to meet all the British Standards, compliance with ACoP and HSE guidance, including WaterSafe accreditation, our teams will expertly undertake chlorination of the water services using customised dosing systems and processes.

We are experienced in the following:

  • BS 8558:2015, PD 855468:2015 Standards
  • Building chlorination
  • Chlorination certification
  • Chlorination drinking water
  • Chlorination processes
  • Chlorination training
  • Chlorination legislation
  • Hospital chlorination
  • Water treatment chlorination

Cooling Towers

Water cooling towers are reliant on proficient management programmes to ensure they continue to run effectively, are safe and compliant with HSE legislation.

Chemical Supplies

Water treatment and purification products to complement our water hygiene and monitoring services.

SMS Environmental supplies chemicals and disinfectants that are used in commercial cleaning, disinfection, environmental hygiene, industrial and process water treatment activities.

We provide high-performance water treatment and purification products suitable for steam boilers and cooling towers, and closed circuits to complement our water hygiene and monitoring services.

All chemistries are supplied with technical data sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), as well as continuous support and technical advice.

Working with our preferred supplier, the formulations cover a diverse range of uses, whether you are looking for oxidising biocides to attack micro-organisms or non-oxidising biocides for industrial use such as controlling Legionella species, TVC and algae to reverse osmosis chemicals designed to demineralise water and clear your membranes.

The formulations are tried and tested by us, spanning over a decade, and all chemicals are carefully packed, labelled and transported by ADR-qualified drivers from eight depots strategically located all over the UK.

Chemical formulations include:

  • Antifoams and defoamers
  • Oxidising and non-oxidising biocides and disinfectants
  • Boiler water chemicals
  • Chlorine dioxide solutions
  • Cleaning treatments
  • Closed system chemicals
  • Cooling water chemicals
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Industrial cleaning chemicals
  • Odour control solutions
  • Pack cleaning chemicals
  • Polymer treatments
  • Reverse osmosis chemicals
  • Solid chemical water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment chemicals

SPA & Swimming Pool Treatment

SMS Environmental calls on years of expertise to control the risks of infection and ensure compliance with BSI Code of Practice PAS 39:2003 and the PWTAG Code of Practice. Find out more our SPA and Swimming Pool Services

For more information on our range of Water Treatment Specialist Services please call 0800 138 21 21 or use the form below

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